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Here is a good quality underlay well suited for Luxury vinyl tile floors!

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EVA underlay 2mm Foam is known as the most basic variety of underlayment. Although it comes at such a low price, foam underlayment still offers plenty of sound reduction. EVA Foam is a step above generic foam underlays as it is manufactured to be more compact with closed cells.

EVA underlay has a variety of applications. They can be used under Engineered wood floor, Luxury Vinyl tile, SPC tile and plank floorings and even laminate floors.

Underlay is the layer of material directly beneath your floor covering. If you were to tear up the flooring in your home, you would likely find many layers. When you removed the floor covering, also called the finish floor, you’d expose the underlay.

Using EVA underlay as a base to your wood, vinyl and laminate flooring has a few advantages.

1) Get sound absorbtion to reduce impact and click noises.

2) Use EVA underlay to smooth out the undulations in your floor of up to 2mm

3) Hollow step sounds are also absorbed to give you a more muted walk effect. Much more so than it would be without an underlay

4) Provide your wood floors with EVA for moisture protection coming off the sub floor with its silver backing.

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