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Here are some of the best and luxurious carpets ! The perfect addition to any home or office space

Handmade to perfection. Choose a design or build your own. The limit is your immagination

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Introducing Mix Jam! The custom made carpet from Fatin! Carpets have always been a sign of luxury in the floor covering segment. They are soft, luxurious and give the user a feeling seldom available in the alternatives.

These custom floors samples are provided her for your general viewing pleasure. In actual fact, your imagination is the only limit to what you can achieve with these floors. All hand made with 100% New Zealand wood – or mixed with viscose for that silky sheen. Whatever color you desire, thickness, design are all possible when you choose from FloosDubai. Wall to wall or special center pieces, anything is possible with these carpets.

To keep their look and feel, carpets do need regular maintenance and vacuum. But what you get in return is a warm floor that doesn’t need any sort of footwear.

Reveal in the feeling and colors of Mix Jam. Available in a wide range of colors, seek out your individual taste and quality. Install with an underlay and gripper rods for that ultimate feeling of luxury. Or go straight on top of your existing flooring for a quick installation. For anything you need, you will find that Floorsdubai has the color, specification, accessories and expertise to delivery to you your perfect floor.

Here at FloorsDubai we go to make sure you get the best quality and the best possible prices. Thus this carpet floor has earned our seal of approval. Order some free samples from the comfort of your homes and have a feel of what you will be buying before placing any orders. Samples are always dispatched quickly and delivered to your doorstep. Well come to Floorsdubai.com

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