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Sound insulation underlay well suited for use under Wood, LVT, SPC, Carpets of tiles!

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moisture and mildew resistant environment friendlyRubber cork underlay is one of the best choices for underlayment because it is super versatile.

This fantastic underlayment is most commonly used under wood, tile or carpet, it can also be used under vinyl by using a barrier sheeting. This underlay will give you some excellent protection against moisture. The underlay is also mildew resistant and waterproof!

Rubber cork is an excellent choice over wood and concrete sub floors and is super easy to install underneath just about any floor. Since it’s often made from recycled rubber products, it’s eco-friendly, too!

sound transference reductionheel and impact sound resistantUsing underlay as a base to your wood or laminate flooring has a few advantages.
1) Get fantastic sound absorption to reduce impact and click noises. up to 16 DB reductions !

2) Use Rubber underlay to smooth out the undulations in your floor of up to 2mm

3) Hollow step sounds are also absorbed to give you a more muted walk effect. Much more so than when using underlays of other construction like the EVA or the Foam underlay.

A specialty of the rubber cork underlay is that it can be installed with adhesives also. If you want to install your wood floor or vinyl floor glued down, you can adhesive this underlay to the floor and following on with gluing the wood atop the underlay. This way you can have a sound absorption layer under a glue down floor!

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