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Accessories you need to install laminate flooring – 2022

Every great looking wood floor needs its own accessories to complement the look and finish the floor properly, all the while performing an essential function to prolong the life of your floor. Below we discuss all the kind of accessories you need to install laminate flooring.

So you want some new laminate flooring for your house or office. You are online and you have some colors in mind that will really spice up that old floor. Turn it, from a cold ceramic or marble floor to a warm, wood looking laminate floor.

Now that you have chosen your new floor, what about the accessories? do you need any? why do you need them? is it for its aesthetic value only or something more?

Why do we need accessories for laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is made up of compressed wood particles laminated with a design film protected with a melamine layer. Read more about laminate floor plank construction here. As such, there is still a lot of wood in the laminate floor. This means we need to allow the floor to ‘breath’ after installation. Meaning your new laminate flooring will contract and expand with changes in the environment, which can be changes in the level of indoor humidity or temperature fluctuations.

With this expansion and contraction comes the need to leave expansion gaps along any fixed object around your home, for example walls, full length windows or partitions. These expansion gaps can be anywhere from 5mm to 10mm depending on the space. Your contractor will decide the amount of expansion required on a case by case basis.

As we discuss the different types of accessories available to be used with your laminate flooring, the main function of all these accessories is to cover these unseemly expansion gaps and give your floor a beautifully finished look. Appealing to the eyes as well as ensuring you floor has enough room to breath.


First in consideration is the underlay we are going to use. Many different types of underlay are available in the market today for use with laminate flooring although one aspect remains the same through all types. This is also the most beneficial. Your underlay creates a moisture barrier between your existing floor and your new laminate flooring. Due to ambient humidity or temperature changes, moisture forms on the existing floor which can be cement or ceramic. Your underlay will protect your new laminate flooring but creating distance between your existing surface and the underside of your new floor. Read here about the different types of underlay we can use with your new laminate flooring.

Underlay also absorbs sound making your floor quieter to walk on. It can also help in smoothing out the floor if there are minor variations in the level which is usually the case.

Underlay accessories for laminate flooring


Skirting comes in many designs and colors – heights and thicknesses. Mostly, they are a perfect match to your floor. These accessories will cover the expansion gaps that your contractor will leave along the walls. You might have existing ceramic skirting as well that can be covered with a laminate skirting to harmonize the design aspect of your new floor.

Skirting accessories for laminate flooring
Wood Skirting
PVC waterproof cover skirting
PVC Cover Skirting


Beading or scotia profiles are used as an alternative to skirting or in places where a smaller profile will be preferred to a larger one like the skirting.

If you have existing skirting, whether it be ceramic or wood, and want to keep it. you can install your new laminate flooring by applying a beading to it. The beading is the same color and veneer of your floor and should match your floor very closely. It is the perfect finishing profile in such situations. Other places like at the bottom of French windows, wardrobes or kitchens can also benefit from a well matched beading. This makes profiles like a beading or skirting some of the most essential accessories you need to install laminate flooring

beading accessories for laminate flooring

Reducers or ‘F’ Profile

These are better known as transition profiles – also know as door bars, because that is where they are widely used. A reducer – as the name suggests, reduces the height of your flooring by covering the exposed edges of your new laminate floor. It also helps in transitioning between two floors of varying heights.

Reducer accessories for laminate flooring

T – bars

As the name suggests, these profiles are used between two floors of the same height. Usually found separating two rooms – right under the door. these profiles also provide expansion gaps underneath and are basically an aesthetic solution to cover these gaps while providing an appealing threshold.

t bar

All of the above accessories are used to give your new laminate flooring and you, the finish it deserves. While providing essential solutions to keep your new flooring performing to your expectations for a very long time. We hope you have enjoyed reading our blog on all the types of accessories you need to install laminate flooring as much as we have writing it.

We look forward to reading your comments below. Please visit our blog section again to see some great content coming up in the future.

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Laminate flooring – going strong through 2020

Laminate flooring was invented in 1977 and has grown since in quality, aesthetics and design. Making its most significant progress during the last 20 odd years with the introduction of newer manufacturing techniques. This ushered in glue less laminate floors.

So what exactly is laminate flooring? well, early industry solid wood flooring was quite expensive, difficult to install and harder to maintain. Not to mention a burden on mother earths precious resources.

Then came engineered woods. These use only a third of the slow growing hardwoods to cover an area equal to a solid wood floor. This leap in technology allowed very little usage of hardwoods. Introducing soft wood layers to give us a more temperature resistant, dimensionally stable floor. Easier to install and maintain and low on cost. Read all about engineered floors on our blog post here.

Thus established that engineered floors are a more effective option as opposed to solid woods. An even more cost effective option was introduced by a Swedish company, Perstorp. This flooring used compressed wood as the core materials with a high definition photograph as the decor layer. This bit of genius invention is now commonly called laminate flooring.

layers of laminate flooring defined
image courtesy Avalon Flooring

The Layers

The top layer is a very hard wearing melamine. Little care is required in maintaining a healthy looking floor for a long time thanks to this layer.

Similarly, the following layer is a high quality photographic image decorative layer that looks just like a plank of real wood.

The core is a high density fiber board that resists point loading and gives your floor, excellent drop impact protection. Moreover, this layer also has the patented click system that fall into place during installation. This means that you floor can be installed without the use of any harmful adhesives.

Additionally, the last layer is a balancing paper that ensures your board gets the dimensional stability required for durability.

The Pros

  1. Looks very much like an authentic wood floor
  2. Look forward to a cost effective floor.
  3. The thin overall profile lays easily above existing floors
  4. Easily maintained and does not require polishing or refreshing
  5. Installed quickly and easily, without adhesives while protecting your existing floor.
  6. The click system makes removing the floor very easy. Making it most viable to rental properties
  7. High heels and dropped objects leave no indentations

The Cons

  1. Is quite loud under foot because of the melamine surface
  2. Requires dry mopping. Wet mopping will damage the floor
  3. Remove excess water and spills immediately. Left on the floor it will seep into the joints and damage the boards.
  4. Must have humidity maintained at all times as is sensitive to any moisture formation on or below the boards. Which means you will have to leave your A/c on at a maintained temperature. Specially in the gulf regions


Laminate flooring today is capable of looking more and more like a real wood floor laid down. New features like registered and raised embossed finishes define wood grains on the boards. This technique makes the boards look and feel like the real thing.

We see new products and finishes coming up regularly as technology advances in these sectors. A fairly decent up and coming contender in the market of wood floors are Luxury Vinyl Tiles. You can read up on this new flooring and how it compares to laminate floors here.

New finishes in laminate flooring continue to surprise and delight. A wide variety of colors, and the very special price point at which they are available. This will continue to ensure laminate flooring, its very own space among the various wood floors options. It will remain a viable and contending place holder in choice, for your homes and offices.

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