Parquet Flooring in Dubai

7 Reasons to Style Your Home with Parquet Flooring

Interior designers can attest to the fact that utilising the proper material when designing a house or business is essential to their reputation and long-term success, despite the fact that the average person can not comprehend or downplay the value of this factor. From the idea and selection phase through the final visual presentation, the choice of high-quality materials has a significant impact on the design’s durability.

If there is one material that now holds the imaginary prize in the realm of interior design, it is wood. One of the most popular and visually pleasant varieties of wood flooring is parquet, which is becoming the dominating option in the future due to its natural, subdued warmth.

Walking on a parquet enables us to properly enjoy the feel and appearance of wood! Here are the top seven reasons why you should install parquet flooring in your home:

Adds texture

By incorporating a variety of tones, depth, and visual appeal, parquet can make one-color designs seem welcoming and intriguing. A few flooring selections can give a space an impersonal and sterile appearance. Nonetheless, we can guarantee that your parquet flooring will only add vitality to your home!


It is quite difficult to install parquet in a situation where it seems antiquated! Whether it is a historic or antique home or a contemporary penthouse, wood parquet flooring complements every style. It developed in France in the 17th century and was favoured by royalty and the upper classes. From its usage in royal Versailles chateaux in the 17th century to its widespread use as flooring panels in homes today, parquet has proved to be an enduring classic.

Will not make a dent in your wallet

All of this elegance and luxury comes at no additional expense! Despite the fact that the price of parquet wood flooring depends on a variety of parameters, such as whether it is block or mosaic, the quality and origin of the wood, the covering area, and the surface treatment, it is fair to assume that the expense will not be prohibitive. Even if classics such as Herringbone parquet wood are on the pricier side, you will still find them to be less expensive than other flooring materials.

Parquet Flooring in Dubai


Find us a spectrum colour that will not clash with parquet wood flooring. With the vast array of colours, textures, and patterns available in parquet, it is simple to choose a panel that complements your interior design scheme. In reality, it is time to go beyond traditional wood tones and even consider custom-stained, painted, or dyed parquets.

Simple upkeep and repair

One of the greatest benefits of wood flooring is its ease of maintenance, and parquet Wood Flooring is no exception. You should maintain it clean of any dust accumulation that could scratch the floor. Even if it becomes soiled, it can be readily cleaned with a nonabrasive solution and little water. One of the things we enjoy most about parquet flooring is that individual pieces can be changed in the event of damage. In addition, it can be sanded, resealed, or polished to increase its durability and attractiveness.

Outperforms laminate flooring

We do not want to disparage laminate flooring, but it is a well-known truth that one of the two is created from genuine wood and the other is not. Wood parquet flooring is created by adhering genuine hardwood pieces together to make a tile pattern, while laminate flooring consists of a core of pressed wood and a computer picture of wood or tile on top. In addition, parquet flooring is regarded more cost-effective than wood flooring.

Parquet Flooring in Dubai

It is a sustainable option

Since parquet is made of lumber, which is actual wood, the material comes from sustainable forests. In certain instances, it is also used or recycled from demolished floor planks. This makes it a terrific selection that is also environmentally friendly.

Given our years of experience in the wooden flooring business and in-depth knowledge of wood’s qualities, it is advisable to acquire quality parquet flooring in Dubai from top parquet wooden flooring manufacturers like Floors Dubai. We guarantee that you will be blown away by the quality and smoothest customer service ever!

Herringbone Flooring in Dubai

Why Herringbone Wood Floors Will Never Go Out of Style!

Ask any house-proud individual what their ideal flooring would be, and there is a strong likelihood that they will say “parquet flooring.” This flooring design has been used since the 17th century when it was first introduced in Versailles to replace marble flooring, and its popularity has never really faded. Here are a few reasons why we believe parquet flooring will never go out of style: This floor is an excellent investment.

The conventional herringbone pattern typically associated with parquet flooring is the most popular and durable design, making this flooring style instantly recognizable throughout the ages. A square geometric shape is also extremely frequent. It is the best option if you want a variety with a diverse appearance and a touch of personality.

Herringbone parquet flooring will never go out of style due to its longevity and resilience as a flooring material. The beauty of herringbone parquet flooring is that it can survive for generations, whereas other flooring alternatives can soon wear out and become outdated, making the property appear dated. If it becomes worn over time, it can be sanded down and polished to bring it back to life.

This is a low-maintenance floor, which is another reason why they will never go out of style; after all, who wants to spend all their time cleaning? Because it is so resilient and low-maintenance, it is also an ideal choice for heavy-traffic commercial environments like offices, stores, and restaurants. It is also simple to install, which reduces the difficulty for your joiner.

The gorgeous colors and grains of the solid wood used in parquet flooring, which age and mature to create a striking and one-of-a-kind feature in any home, are an additional reason why it will never go out of style. Moreover, the herringbone pattern helps any floor stand out as something unique and uncommon, so if the design is important to you, you will adore this selection.

Herringbone Flooring in Dubai

DIY installation

On the positive side, you don’t need to be an expert to install herringbone wood flooring in your home, but if you plan to do it yourself, you should consult a skilled specialist. By considering the following recommendations, you will be able to determine if building your own herringbone flooring in Dubai is within your capabilities:

Take measurements and draw a diagram of the room.

You must measure and designate the place where it will be installed. If a wall is not perpendicular to the rest of the room, its edges can appear crooked.

Even in a modest room, it is essential to set it up correctly and adhere to the marked lines. This keeps the herringbone pattern straight and prevents tiny milling variations from causing the lines to diverge.

You must also ensure that the pattern draws attention to a central focus point. This could be the primary entrance to a space, or it could be a prominent feature such as a bay window, fireplace, or executive’s office-style centre desk.

Herringbone Flooring in Dubai

Balance your subfloor

When installing herringbone flooring, it is even more crucial to ensure that the subfloor is smooth, as the small herringbone blocks cannot conceal dips and ridges, as well as standard plank flooring, can. The outcome will reveal any imperfections and can elevate the corners of the blocks.

Floors Dubai provides an extensive selection of engineered herringbone parquet flooring. This floor’s unusual pattern and AB grade, the highest grade of flooring we sell, make it an exceptional addition to any residence. They can be sanded and refinished to restore their lustre over the years, preventing you from having to install a new floor.